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Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fiber found in rock and soil. Asbestos has been used in a number of building construction materials for insulation and as a fire retardant due to its fiber strength and heat resistance.

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Envirowatch Asbestos Air Monitoring Services

Single and multi-family residential buildings can contain asbestos-containing building materials, depending on the age, location, and class of the building. When asbestos-containing building materials (ACMs) are disrupted, homeowners, tenants, and contractors can be exposed to airborne fibers. Any staff, including homeowners/DIYers, who can come into contact with ACMs in a residential building or single-family home, whether deliberately or unintentionally, are at risk and should take precautions, wear protective equipment, and be aware of the risks associated with asbestos exposure.

Containment and air control are used when ACMs are disrupted during a scheduled asbestos abatement project to ensure that staff and other occupants are not exposed to elevated airborne fiber concentrations. Enviro-Licensed Watch's Air Sampling Professionals (ASPs) are trained to collect and analyze airborne samples in order to assess any possible concentrations of airborne fibers. Our ASPs and microscopists can provide results rapidly and reliably, usually when on-site, allowing for faster risk detection and mitigation.

The asbestos experts at Envirowatch will assist you with all of your asbestos-related issues, concerns, risk management, and compliance with all of the complex, strict Federal and local asbestos regulations.

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